Speaker Related Projects

(A T-line and ribbon tweeter 2-way. August-2012)

(A tall, thin, upwards firing omnidirectional speaker. May-2010)

(A powered subwoofer using a 12" driver and 15" passive radiator. Jan-2010)

(A computer speaker; redux. December-2005)

(A computer speaker in a light canister. Jan-2005)

(10" vented subwoofer in a cardboard tube, powered by a Parapix amp. May-1999)

   MTM Center Channel Speaker
(A Madisound design. Nov-1997)

   2-way Surround Speakers
(5" woofer and 1" tweeter. July 1997)

   3-piece mini system
(6" DVC bass module mated to 4" car speaker. June 1997)

   3-way Vented Floorstanding Speaker
(vented 10" woofer, 5" mid and 1" tweeter in a 4 ft tower. Summer 1995)

   NHT1259 Subwoofer
(A 12" woofer in a sealed architectural pedestal. Winter 1994-95)

   Inexpensive Speaker Stands
(Particle board, sand and spray paint. Fall 1994)

   2-way satellite
(6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter. Summer/Fall 1994)

Electronics Related Projects

  900 MHz Audio Receiver
(Better use for bad headphones. Jan-2008)

  Buster - A Simple Guitar Amp
(Perfect for the beginner. Jan-2010)

  A PC-based Audio Console
(Use a PC to play tunes. Jan-2010)

  LM-12 Amp
(Bridged LM-12 opamps. Aug-2003)

(A CD player and FM tuner from spare computer parts. Oct-2002)

   Quad 2000 4-Channel Amp
(Premade modules by Marantz. May-1998)

   Zen Amp and Bride of Zen Preamp
(by Nelson Pass. Apr-1997)


  Backing-up LPs to CD-R
(Whiningdog.net 10-Dec-2002)

  Using Wood in Speakers FAQ
(Work in progress)

   MDF FAQ for speaker builders

   Woodworking Tools for the DYIer
(HomeTheaterHiFi.com Oct-1998)

  Some Thoughts on Cabinet Finished for DIY Speakers

   Large Grills Made Easy

   Some Parts Suppliers

Other Useful Stuff

   DIY Audio Related URLs

  Veneering Primer
(by Keith Lahteine)

   How to get a Black Piano Finish
(by DYI Loudspeaker List members)

   Sonotube FAQ
(by Gordon McGill)

   Excerpts from the Bass List
(Oldies but Goodies)

DIY Loudspeaker List

   Current DIY Loudspeaker Forum Home

   Former DIY Loudspeaker List Subscription Page

  DIY Loudspeaker List Archives



Here's what I've been up to with DIY audio related work.

Disclaimer : I don't claim to be an expert nor do I claim to have so-called "golden ears". I do this for the fun, the challenge and the reward associated with DIY work. I do however enjoy music and woodworking, thus the construction and appearance of the design is as important to me as the sound. You've been forewarned !

My thanks go out to all those on the net whose unselfish contributions have helped me enjoy this hobby.

Some final thoughts

My first speaker building project dates back to 1985, when I ripped apart an old pair of 3-way "Canal Street specials" and replaced them with Radio Shack drivers. A book by Weems provided what little knowledge I had to work with, yet the resulting improvement in sound made the project quite enjoyable. Little did I realize then how bad the speakers really sounded; which in itself is a testament to how bad the original speakers were. Then again, those original no-name speakers served me well through 4 years of college and we all know how important that is !

The formation of the Bass and DIY Loudspeaker list subsequently renamed the DIY Loudspeaker list (current forum home); has brought me back into this rewarding hobby; this time with the intent on building speakers that really sound good. So I discarded the 1985 speakers at a garage sale (some guy wanted them for this garage shop) and off I went, armed this time with Dickason's Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, and lots of net advice.

Like so many hobbies and niche markets, speaker building and amateur audio in general is a world in its own; with its own magazines, clubs, suppliers and customers. And like all hobbies, the return on the time and effort spent makes the experience well worth the resources spent. In fact, this is one hobby where one can easily surpass commercial goods in overall quality at a fraction of the cost if one neglects the cost of sweat equity. With a little care, it's even possible to get one's spouse involved (if applicable). Now if I just had more rooms and stereos to drive more speakers...



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